The One That Got Away

After seeing the itinerary offered for the month of November at the nearby forest where I occasionally like to hangout, I thought this would be interesting.... Small Mammal Observations and Trapping...why not?  Anyway it was a beautiful day to be outside and the walk would be done in a few hours.

Off I went.  Well protected from ticks, I noticed I was the only one with tall boots on.  Oh well, better safe than sorry, I thought as I joined the rest of the crowd in the meeting room.  Of course, I had the camera and the excursion also gave the chance to try out my new camera strap.

The gentleman conducting the survey had completed a study on small mammals in the area.  He had intentionally set out twelve traps the previous afternoon.  As a group we would locate the traps, examine the mammal inside for various data then release them back into their natural habitat.

It was extremely chilly that morning and being overcast, it remained chilly...around 32 if I remember correctly.  Unfortunately, two traps we came across contained white footed mice...frozen.  Too late to save them, he set them aside along the trail as a snack of natural predators.

Trekking through the woods, each critter was examined carefully.  This little Vole was such a feisty fellow.  Given the chance he would have bitten Brad if he had the opportunity! 

One of the cutest things that happened was "the one that got away."  Before Brad had a chance to get the bag up to the trap's opening, the mouse inside shot out!  Tumbling to the ground and looking a little stunned at first, it regained it's composure and made a beeline for a nearby dead timber covered in leaves and forest debris.  

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The One That Got Away 

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Oh, the things I learned that morning!  

Did you know that a mice can carry virus'...dangerous to humans? Hantavirus3 Major Diseases Caught From Mice.  Did you know that if you have mice in your home and catch one in a trap, after you dispose of the dead mouse, use the same trap...not a clean one.  The urine scent attracts other mice.  Just remember to wear rubber gloves when handling the traps!


Ann said…
Sounds like a fun and interesting day. I didn't know about mice carrying a virus or about using the same trap instead of a clean one. When I was growing up we always had mice in the house every winter and being the thrifty type my dad always reused the traps.
Mice are cute, unless they are in my house, at which point they become public enemy number one.
gld said…
News about the virus. Sounds like a good day!
It is very cold here this morning....
Susie said…
JP, Mice look cute but I hate them. They are nasty disease carriers. They destructive to ones home too. Sounds like it was an interesting day though. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
Empty Nester said…
That was fun! I really need to take advantage of our places like this. Once the girls grew up I just haven't thought about doing this type of thing just for me.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, working on the study sounds interesting and fun! The little vole is cute. Great post. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!
All homes need a resident rat snake guardian!

(I kid, I kid. I know most people don't get along with rat snakes. But they are perfectly fine companions!)
Lea said…
The One That Got Away will be telling the story to his grandchildren!
Unknown said…

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