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When I hit [send] on the email, I wasn't expecting a response.  However, the one I got was heart-warming.  Do you remember when I was invited to attend the Coverts Coordinator Seminars for four days in the woods hosted by Great Mountain Forest?  Well, when I was going through some of the pix on my laptop, I thought that perhaps the folks there would like to see just what I learned from them.

So, I wrote an email and enclosed about 8 pictures of things the Pres and I had accomplished in a year thanks to the "take aways" I brought home with me. 

Telling them about:

 the stonewall the Pres built giving additional hiding places for the small critters and the bluebird box we put among the lilies, phlox and vines we planted near the wall;

the trail we maintain into the woods for the turkeys and their poults in the Spring;

the patches of herbaceous growth we intentionally leave for the rabbits when they need cover from their natural predators;

the "bird sanctuary" we cleared at the edge of the woods giving the birds more cover from their natural enemies;

the invasive Japanese Barberry and Bittersweet that the Pres has sprayed, killing a large amount of it thus far;  

and about the intentional placing of tree stumps giving homes to many small critters and birds.

Learning all these things from the folks at Great Mountain Forest-Norfolk-Canaan-CT, it was I who did the "thanking."  And I wanted them to know I owed it all to grateful I was for their seminars, their handouts and their one on ones. It was that experience inspired me to come home and relay the information to the Pres and a few of my neighbors and others I've met.

Anyway, after a few days passed, I received an email.  They asked my permission if they could publish some of my photos and words.  How heart warming and wonderful is that?

And it was just because I said "thank you."

just seeing, saying and sharing...

Two Words

with you and those at

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NanaDiana said…
Congratulations! How exciting and wonderful to see that what you have done is note worthy. xo Diana
YES! Sending a big congratulations and may I say I'm not surprised?!

MadSnapper said…
congratulatons and you did a great job from what you learned

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