Big Bummer

Turning on the local news yesterday morning as usual, I was just in time for the weather forecast.  He was talking SNOW...:)...not a lot...but SNOW!  

While waiting for my coffee, I would occasionally turn toward the TV but it wasn't until I got in the great room and sat in my usual spot on the couch that I began reading all the tickers scrolling across the screen:  

SCHOOLS (across the state) DELAYED 2 HRS DUE TO SNOW!!

My mind began reeling.  YOU KNOW how much I love the white stuff and after feeling like death warmed over for so long, this was something to look forward to.  You adventure!  Perhaps I should dig out the snowshoes and poles, I thought. 

Then I listened.  Snow changing to rain by 10:00 am. 

And this is what we got...

just seeing, saying and sharing...

Big Bummer

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Just a dusting, but, it's pretty.
Gayle said…
Yeah, but that's a classy birdhouse. Snow is o.k. by me.
Susie said…
JP, You and I are opposites where snow is concerned. LOL. I loved the sweet photo. Hope you get the snow you want and I hope I don't get any. :):) Blessings, xoxo, Susie
p.s. hope everything is going well for all of you.
MadSnapper said…
we are praying for rain, THEY said 60 percent chance today. we were so excited. at 6:30 am we got about 2000 rain drops. gone.
Empty Nester said…
That's way more than what we get and it's beautiful!
Ann said…
it made for a pretty picture. I don't share your enthusiasm for snow but I think the rain snow mix is even worse
Bee Lady said…
Calm down. It'll come soon enough!

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