Bugged...A Whole New Meaning

It seems like every time I turn on the television, I am listening to some newsman talking about someone/something being bugged or hacked.  Now it's the elections.  It used to  (and still can) be your laptop/PC.   

This past week, it was about using your car's remote.  Apparently the technology that auto manufacturers used can be hacked enabling a stranger to gain access to your car.    Swear to goodness...hackers can use the signal that your remote sends to your car as you are walking away and  hit the "lock" button.  Once you're out of sight, they can access your vehicle and drive off with it.  Really?  Are you flipping kidding me?

Thoughts reeling through my mind about where I live, where I go and what I do filled my head so I responded with, "But Honey, there is usually no one around to do such a thing....I'm in the middle of nowhere most of the time."  

"Honey, when I'm in the middle of the lake in my kayak, don't you think I would see someone about to "bug" me approaching if they wanted to hack my phone?"

So, after a rather lengthy one-sided conversation, I was instructed to not use my remote to lock my car but rather lock it before I exited the vehicle by simply pushing down the manual lock button on my driver's door.  (This is, of course, assuming that the rest of your car doors/hatch are locked as the Pres made clear to me.  "Hon, hopefully you are not driving around with the doors unlocked in this day and age.")  And if that whole "bugging" thing wasn't enough...

To make it more interesting, Sunday night when my son called to touch base, a different conversation ensued.  "Mom, do you want to hear about what's new at our house as of today?" came out of his distraught and very concerned tone of voice.

Sounding (Heaven forbid) like me, his run on sentences began....We have bugs...I'm not sure, but I think they're called thrips or corn flies or something like that...Have you ever heard of them?...Mom, look on Google...Did you get the pic I just sent you?...Well, look at it closely...you know, zoom in...Do you think dish detergent and water will kill them?...Do I need to bomb the house?...Mom, they must have come in on the Christmas tree and with the warm house, maybe they hatched...I don't know...I've been killing them all day...They seem to be attracted to the light....etc, etc.

Unable to get a word in, I continued to listen as his tone and expressions became more vehement.

Mom, I sent you another pic...zoom in so you can really see it.  I'm taking off all the decorations and shall I put the tree in the garage?  Never mind, I'm putting it outside because I don't want those things in the garage either...Mia, calm down...Daddy's working on it.  

The conversation ended with, "Mom, I'll talk to you tomorrow."  

Again my mind was spinning. Trying to digest what I'd just been told, I did what any respectable mother would do.  I Googled thrips.  Have a look for yourself...Wikipedia-Thrips.  They are or can be found on houseplants, plants from nurseries and eventually suck the life out of the plant!

Oh, one more thing.  He also told me that his SIL/BIL had them too.  They all went to a local Christmas tree farm together to cut down their trees.  Who knew they too were bugged?

just seeing, saying and sharing...

Bugged...A Whole New Meaning

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Image result for thripsThrips are minute, slender insects with fringed wings. Other common names for thrips include thunderflies, thunderbugs, storm flies, thunderblights, storm bugs, corn flies, corn lice, freckle bugs, and physopods. Wikipedia
Scientific nameThysanoptera


NanaDiana said…
Oh! And all the poor kids wanted was a UNBUGGED Christmas tree. How sad. Did you know that they say if you hold your car remote to your head it boosts the power so you can 'beep' to find your car easier? lol Some swear by it! xo Diana
Ann said…
I wonder if that tree farm will be getting lots of complaints this year. The advantage of having an artificial tree.
Susie said…
Yikes...oh yea, they got them from the trees...it sure sounds so. I remember when I was in the 6th grade...you know when dinosaurs roamed the earth..my teacher told our class about praying mantises hatching out on one of her Christmas trees and they were everywhere. Totally creeped me out. Maybe some fly sprays would do the trick on the bugs...it's an aggravation for sure. I hope your son can get rid of them. I had heard of that locking your car with the remote years ago...but I hate the newer cars that start with a button...I want keys, I want gear shifts,I would love crank windows. I always hit my main lock when I get out....hoping it's doing okay. Blessings and stay save from all those bugs honey. xoxo, Susie
I saw that news clip about the thieves getting in your car with a remote. Creeps. I never lock my car unless I have something in it, like a purchase or well, just a purchase. Funny---here I am in Chicago. If anyone came close to my car at 2:00 a.m., every dog in the neighborhood would bark, people would start switching on porch lights and we would really have havoc!

I've never had a problem with the live trees we but but I just recently heard of a few issues from bloggers. Spider infestation? Ugh! So far so good with my tree but I've had other probs with houseplant. Like some people feel about dogs, maybe they are better outdoors.

Lady Fi said…
Such pretty shots.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, the bugs on the Christmas tree sounds awful. That would really be a pain to handle right before Christmas. I feel sorry for your son. Your photos are pretty. Enjoy your day!
MadSnapper said…
Oh my word oh my word. I've never heard of thrips. All the way through I was thinking I don't have a car that they can break into because man is too old. I don't didn't kayaks I don't have a hackable phone and I have fake Christmas trees that can't have bugs. So I am pretty much booked free except for the laptop that somebody might be bugging and looking and watching me through my computer I read about that too. Wishing you a happy Before Christmas. LOL LOL
Ick. It's bad enough being bugged but being bugged at Christmas is just awful. hope they get it under control quickly.
Empty Nester said…
There's nothing those dang hackers can't get into. Why do people have to take from other people? I'll never understand. Those bugs! What a pain to have to deal with! Did they call the tree farm for advice and a refund???? Hope the problem has been resolved.
Sylvia said…
JP, I'm so sorry to hear about the bugged Christmas tree! That is so disappointing. I hope the lot is not knowingly selling infested trees.

I appreciate my basic car that needs a key to unlock the doors. Cost me less and does not make me a target for stealing my vehicle.

Sylvia D.
Hmmm maybe this post should make us re-think our plan to get a live tree (next year). But, then we were going to buy a (very) small cut one most likely from the supermarket. I hope that your son and the others notified the tree farm about this issue...YIKES indeed!
Rambling Woods said…
That's why I won't use those apps that can turn your lights off and on and that Echo thing from Amazon...Michelle

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