Fence Search

Well, now that I am out and about again, I came across these fences in yet another "unexplored by me" area.

Of course, the fence is a tad hard to see, but trust me, it's there.  Strands of wire neatly held in place by nice, sturdy poles.

Then when I turned down another road, there was this one.  And again, you may have to search for it in the pic but it is there.

Remember I was after "fences."

Then something happened.  Along an open strip of road, way out in EBL (East Bumble Land), my focus changed.  A big, beautiful hawk flew directly over my car.  Heading towards an open field, it circled and circled.  I just couldn't take my eyes off it, so I pulled over just to watch it.

It was when I got home and put the pix on the laptop that I saw the fence!

just seeing, saying and sharing...

 Fence Search

with you...:)

farewell Tex...:(


gld said…
Great scenery whether there are fences or not.

We call that last one snow fence down here.
Gayle said…
Oh the things we missed bph (before photo hobby)
Now even the hawks are in on the fence hunt lol.
diane said…
I'm a fence junkie too.
Can't get enough of them.
The older the better.
diane @ thoughts&shots
MadSnapper said…
to funny, I would never have seen the bird at all, and focused on the fence
Lady Fi said…
LOL! And that is a big fence...
Oh this was funny to read - but I also liked your photo's too!

All the best Jan

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