Kissed By The Sun

And soon it will be Christmas...

just seeing, saying and sharing...

Kissed By The Sun

with you and those at


Susie said…
JP, Love the candle in the window and your beautiful view. We have sunshine and super cold temps...but the sunshine helps me thru. Blessings for a week of relaxation before the big day. xoxo, Susie
Ann said…
looks inviting and peaceful
Bee Lady said…
I love it when the sun shines in the window this time of year. I especially loves it when it warms up our living room!

Love this. We had a tiny bit today, too.

Such a lovely picture.

All the best Jan
carol l mckenna said…
Definitely 'kissed by the sun' ~ Wonderful photo of the light ~ thanks,

Wishing you a very Happy Christmas ~ ^_^

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