'Tis The Season

Checking out at the register in Walmart last week, I thought I'd made a right choice.  Smiling at the cashier as she looked up, I said, "How are you today?"

I learned that it was definitely not the right question. 

Getting an earful about how much she has to do in preparation for Christmas and how much she did for Thanksgiving without any help from her family, how they all sat around chatting while she did all the work, I kept my sympathetic ear open and strong shoulders erect.  However, I told myself to NEVER ask that question around the holidays.

When she dropped my three items into a bag along with the receipt, I quickly closed my wallet, said "Have a nice day" and headed to the door.

It was when I got home and peeked out the slider that I saw just what I needed to catapult me back to the Christmas spirit.  

They are never cranky.

They are grateful.

They share.

just seeing, saying and sharing...

'Tis The Season

with you and those at


All our feathered friends out there setting a Christmas example for us.
NanaDiana said…
Beautiful bird shots...or photos I should say! Usually the cardinals are very territorial. xo Diana

ps...and How are YOU today? lol
Lea said…
Yes! Bird-watching can teach us many lessons
These are awesome pictures. Birds represent peacefulness to me...maybe that's why I've had so many!

I encounter all sorts of people when I run errands, shop or do just about anything. Believe it or not, here in my Chicago neighborhood, there is a great deal of courtesy and genuine gratitude. Sometimes I like to smile or engage in conversation with the grouchiest. Encountering someone like you did in Walmart is sad. The opposite of spreading joy. I'm happy you found your joy once you were back in familiar territory. But don't let it stop you from trying. Sometimes we really do have to make the first move.

Jane x
Liz Needle said…
That beautiful sight would make up for any number of Christmas grumps. Just stunning.
Anni said…
Beautiful...love 'em all today! I especially love the framing of the cardinal. Such a great composition.

Thanks for sharing all these wonderful images with us birders at I'd Rather B Birdin'.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, beautiful variety of feeder birds. I am sure they appreciate the food in the winter months. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!
MadSnapper said…
that is a lot of talking for a 3 item sale... sweet little birds
Gayle said…
Love the peeking cardinal. He may be on watch for the clerk--haha. Seriously though, I prayerfully wish her an improved experience over the next week. Glad the birds were there to improve you day too.
Anonymous said…
I see more and more people that don't realize "How are you doing?" is just being polite and not an invitation to unload. The birds are beautiful!
Ann said…
I hate it when cashiers do that. They should keep it light, simple and friendly. Glad you had the birds to get you back on on track
Lady Fi said…
Fabulous shots. Love the cardinals!
Pamela Gordon said…
Oh how true JP. What beautiful photos of the birds at your feeders, especially the male cardinal. I hope you have a nice weekend and keep warm!
NCSue said…
I work in a service profession (nursing), and it seems to me that when patients or their families ask me how I'm doing, it's out of habit or to be polite. They're most often concerned about their own issues - and rightly so - and don't have time to hang out a shingle to listen to my woes!

Glad Mr. Cardinal helped lighten your mood and put you back in the Christmas spirit!

Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2016/12/dominus-flevit.html

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