A Few Good OLD Fences

Although I don't know why, I have been a little lax when it comes to blogging.  Like a lot of others, I feel as if I talk about the same things over and over again.  And, quite honestly, I don't want to be boring!  

However, hoping it is just part of the "Winter blues," although everything is green and brown, and that "this too shall pass, I would like to tell you of  "A few Good Fences."

Long before I knew that "Good Fences" was to be taken over by someone new (CONGRATS Gosia!!!), I took some photos.  In fact, it was while I was on my way to pick up my grand daughter from early dismissal.  That day, like so many others, I was glad I left extra early.  When I spotted these, even though I had driven by them over and over, this time I just had to stop.  They would be different,  They were "cool".  They would not be boring.

Great!  Now I cannot find the pix#&$^%*@*!!

So, now, I have to show you these fences, which were taken during Winter Storm Lexi that hit us on 2/5/16.  It was a whopper!

I told you that storm was a whopper!!!

And here I am...hoping, praying, waiting for snow.  Perhaps I am a lunatic after all!!!

just seeing, saying and sharing...

A Few Good OLD Fences

with you and those at


Snow looks so pretty in photos and through the front window.
Ann Thompson said…
Maybe i can prĂ y that our snow moves on and heads to your place. These are really pretty. I like snow in pictures where it doesn't make me freeze my butt off.
I always wonder if im boring people to death with my posts
Love your photos, snow looks so beautiful when it's fresh like this.

Write when you feel it. Look at your photos, they tell a story but can always use a few words.

Jane x
Lady Fi said…
Gorgeous snowy shots!
I write when I feel there's something worthy of sharing or that I want to document.
MadSnapper said…
I am slightly leaning towards 'lunatic' for anyone who wishes for snow. but we know you love it. awesome photos of the storm and from what I see on TV right now you are going to get your wish. you might even have to hunker down.
Bee Lady said…
I feel like I've been blogging nothing but family and entertaining posts forever. And I know it's boring to the public. But I started blogging because I quit scrapbooking and I wanted a way to keep family photos. I thought I'd blog more of other stuff, and maybe in the beginning I did. It's not really the blog I planned, and I think of doing another one, but I just don't have time to be creative, and blog about being creative!
Your pictures are pretty and I will admit the snow looks pretty. I'm looking at it out my window right now. But Christmas is over, so I'm ready for warm weather and sunshine!!! Happy New Year! Oh, btw, keep blogging. Some people are new to your blog so it's not boring and the same old thing to them.

Cindy Bee
Susie said…
JP, I hope we never see a storm like that. It is cold to look at it. Well it's 8 degrees right now and wind chill of 13 below. But hey the sun is shining and I love that. Stay warm and safe where you are. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
Gosia said…
lovely wintry landscape. Thanks for sharing your fence. Have a great weekend. See you next week
Wonderful snow images!
Stay warm and have a great weekend :)
Lea said…
Pretty snow scenes!
Have a great week-end!
Ida said…
My that was some winter storm. Pretty but oh so cold looking.
Aas a fellow blogger, JP, I think that lots of others also feel the same at times and wonder about whether they want to continue and if others find their posts interesting, etc. It happens to me as well, but then I enjoy sharing and reading comments people leave. And since I do not use any other social media, aside from emails and texting (no Facebook or Tweets) it's my connection with the world so to speak.
I liked the winter snow scenes! We are having a snow event right now and we're cozy and warm inside...hope you are the same.
Betty said…
The snow looks so pretty. Do they name all snow storms now?

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