Intentionally hanging low this week because it was my birthday, I blew off the gym and headed to RI to spend the day with my daughter.  We hit a lot of the post-Christmas sales.  Oh not for us...things to decorate the house with for next year!  We did get some pretty awesome bargains if I do say so myself and were excited about our finds.  We had just a little time left so we stopped at a great little place and split a "Ragin Cajun Chicken Panini"...delicious!!  So the 69th birthday was really fun...:)...CELEBRATE...YEAH!!

However, when we were on the way back to her house, my cell phone rang.  It was the Pres.  "Hon, when will you be home?  I've got to go down Luke's house.  The tranny on the truck died.  Yep, it's sh#% to bed.  It died on the way to his house.  So I borrowed his spare car to come home and let the dogs out."  


Totally taken off guard, I said, "I'm dropping her off at her house and I'll be home in 1 1/2 hours.  Go do what you have to do."

And then I thought, I didn't even tell him that someone or something hit my car and scratched the rear passenger quarter panel.  


Here's the scoop:

The truck is a '98 Dodge RAM (the ones that Sam Elliot advertises...:).  Because it's a diesel, he wants to get it fixed.  A local dealer wants $4200 for a  rebuilt transmission.  There was also a rebuilt one here as well.  They want $3200 for it.  Luke checked out a few places and found a rebuilt one in Texas for $975.  Add the shipping both ways (one charge to get it here and the other charge to ship the core back to them) is another $500.00.  SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE!

A no brainer here...he ordered the one from Texas and he and Luke will put it in.  While they have the engine apart, he's replacing the clutch as well.  We picked that up yesterday...$250.00.  SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE!

He hates not having his truck.  (NOT SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE)

So do I.

With all that said...


(and remember please CELEBRATE...life is too short not to)

just seeing, saying and sharing...


with you and those at


Ann said…
Happy New Year JP. I hope this year leaves with you with lots of things to celebrate.
MadSnapper said…
Love Love Love the photo.. so beautiful. you can have a big celebration when the new old engine in in the truck and it is driveable again. my hubby would do the same thing and has in the past. he falls IN LOVE with his trucks and never the ways will part.. good luck with the repairs.
MadSnapper said…
trannie not engine. I was thinking of the two engines bob has put in trucks. he has put many trannies in trucks and clutches to
Gayle said…
ahhh, the trials and tribulations of vehicle ownership. After all that even a snow covered rocker looks inviting.
Happy New Year. Celebrate the good, try to ignore the bad.
NanaDiana said…
Such a compilation of life-huh? Things that go great and things that fall apart. Things we tear down..things we build up. Things that make us sad...things that make us happy. I will take all the HAPPY that I can get thank you! Happy NEW YEAR to you! xo Diana
Belated birthday wishes, JP. Glad you and you daughter got out for some celebrating and special deals before you heard the truck bad news. Also liked that photo!
Rambling Woods said…
Happy Birthday JP.... hope things get better... hug
Pamela Gordon said…
Sounds like a fun birthday lunch and added good news on top of the bad. Such is life. I'm glad he found a trannny for a really good price. His truck sounds like a really nice one. Sometimes the older they are, the better eh? A keeper! :) Happy New Year to you and yours.
Sylvia said…
JP, Life comes with the good and the bad. Thanks for sharing, I enjoy visiting you here. Wishing you a Happy New Year 2017! Sylvia D.

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