Destination...The Pond

When it snowed on the 8th, it made everything look and feel "Wintery."  The following two days, it was bitter cold causing slippery road conditions.  One afternoon, rather than sitting on the couch watching TV, I told the Pres I was going for a ride "just to see how the Subaru handled on snowy, icy roads."

Did you ever do that...go for a ride just to be out in it?  When the Pres and I were first dating, after a snowstorm, he, my son and I would pile in the cab of his pick-up and just drive around.  He'd pull into an uncrowded parking lot and do "wheelies,"impressing both my son and I.

Well, now he wants to stay home and I want to go "play."

Is it true that when you're married a long time, you begin to take on each others traits?
If so, when is he going to start cleaning and being neat?

Anyway, the day I went for a ride, I had a particular destination in mind...

The Pond in the Winter

just seeing, saying and sharing...

Destination...The Pond

with you and those at

Oh, one more thing.
In case you don't remember, this was...

The Pond in the Summer
It belongs to a friend of ours.  The moose is fake, placed there by him helping him create his (and my)...


Gayle said…
Same here. The more snow the more riding around---45 years ago.
MadSnapper said…
OMG! I was fretting over the moose stuck in the pond. could hardly read what you wrote because of that. thanks for the ending comment... I love the photo now that I know he is fake. bob and I used to go every Saturday early for a ride all over the county, following roads to see what was there. not in bad weather because this is Florida. but after we retired gas skyrocketed and we could no longer afford to drive for no reason. also the traffic has skyrocketed to.
Ann Thompson said…
It's pretty in both seasons.
Wade and I are not at all alike and if I start taking on any of his traits someone needsvtonshoot me lol

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