Don't Fence Me In

These three are easy to identify.  They all have white markings on their noses...not just around their noses.  So when they come to visit, I watch to see just where they go.  They like to explore the area around the bird feeders.

At first, they were a tad apprehensive, since the "bird sanctuary" we created was not there last Winter.  I think they bed down on the South side of our property.

However, this next bunch stays on the East side of our property.  They are the fence jumpers.  They bed down in the spot I cleared for myself to observe the eagles.  I walked in there Tuesday morning and there was deer poop everywhere!  Those little "fence jumpers"!!

just seeing, saying and sharing...

Don't Fence Me In

with you and those at


MadSnapper said…
I love those EARS... so beautiful
You would need quite a high fence to keep deer out.
Lady Fi said…
Adeerable shots!
Pamela Gordon said…
Wonderful photos JP. They are quite the jumpers!
So sweet - lovely to see.

All the best Jan
Ann Thompson said…
How rude of them to poop all over your eagle watching spot
So busy looking at the cuteness I forgot to look at the fences :)

Ida said…
They are so graceful looking. I would love having visitors like this in my yard.

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