Fences and Apologies Needed

Yesterday I went for a ride to find some fences.  You see, I needed some for today's post.  With a mission in mind, off I went.  

Not only did I find a variety of fences, when I got home, I found something else as well.

Booting up the old laptop and signing in to my Gmail account, for whatever reason, I noticed that the "SPAM" folder pretty substantial.  When I opened the folder, there were two real spam items.

The rest?

The rest were emails from YOU...BLOGGERS THAT COMMENTED ON POSTS...COMMENTS THAT HAVE GONE UNANSWERED!!  Honestly, I don't know how or why YOU got placed into "SPAM," however, now that I know you were put there, I will answer you ASAP!!!

So, with that said, please do not feel like these old, felled trees left to decay in the old "holding pen."  YOU were "SPAMMED."

just seeing, saying and sharing...

Fences and Apologies Needed

with you and those at 


Gosia said…
wow your fences are great.Thanks for joining to Good Fences
MadSnapper said…
oh no, I get spammed every day all by myself and now you have spammed me to... I just love the second photo
Ann Thompson said…
I guess there are worse things that could happen to us lol
We've all had that happen...don't give it a thought! Just keep showing us your beautiful photos and we'll be happy! Hugs, Diane
Ida said…
No need to apologize as that can easily happen to any of use. Wonderful fence shots, the old trees really add to the scene.
Pauline said…
Sooner or later the spammers hit us all! Love your fence scene, it looks like a quiet, forgotten place.

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