Snow Removal Comes In Shapes and Sizes

Sure, I shoveled and swept the front walk and the patio...twice...during the recent storm.  In fact, using the snow shovel, I even plowed through the snow in the yard making a path and "go hurry" area for the dogs.  I was on my third pass and it was getting dark when the Pres got home Saturday so  no, he wasn't around to help.  But that's okay.

He had other things on his mind that day.  He was at Luke's house working on yet another issue with the old, red Dodge diesel.  With each passing week, the list seems to be getting longer and more parts are on order...poor guy.

Anyway, on Sunday, I stayed in babying a sore shoulder and the Pres went outside to address the remainder of Mother Nature's most recent gift.  He had zipped through the yard with the snow blower, making the usual track for the dogs and along the fence making filling the feeders easier.  What a time saver!  What took me a half hour took him all of ten minutes!!  It was well worth the money.

And speaking of money reminds me of our solar investment.  Yes, we are still paying $19.25 each month for our electric electric bill that includes heat, hot water and electric!  Of course, that is because the production was so high in the Spring, Summer and Fall.  Using our surplus kilowatts "in the bank", makes us even more mindful of taking good care of the solar panels.

 Although it wasn't a necessity, we invested in a "snow removal roof rake."  It came with four five foot long pole extensions, enabling the owner to reach up a full twenty feet!

Once you pull away the snow near the edge of the roof, the remainder virtually slides off the panels.

Just don't stand underneath it!!

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Snow Removal

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MadSnapper said…
LOVE the last photo. wow.. great idea to blow the snow paths instead of shovel. I assume your sore shoulder was from shoveling snow?
Susie said…
Love the solar panel idea, JP. Ted and I have a rake I asked him to make , that we rake the snow from the help prevent ice dams. I am sure you know what I am talking about. Good you made the pet a needed path. Everyone need some thing like that for pets. I have not used my shovel yet this year...but I have swept plenty. Stay warm and safe. xoxo, Blessings, Susie
Gayle said…
I would love watching the occasional snow falls from the roof. Nice photo.
Felicia said…
i like the doggies and their coats. stay warm.
Trade you electrical bills.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, the dogs are happy now they have a clear space to run. Wow, you electric bills are low. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!
NanaDiana said…
When we visit up along the Lake Superior area we are always amazed that some build cabins and new construction with flat (flatter) roofs. That means they have to pull the snow off after a big dump which they get often up there.

Most of the roofs here are pretty steeply pitched because of all the snow we get. Bet you are in love with that snowblower. I know we are...although this past year or so we have had a snow service come in to plow our long, steep driveway. Hubby is no longer able to do it. xo Diana
Ann Thompson said…
The last time i was out shoveling i kept thinking next year I'm àsking Santa for a snowblower
Lovely to see your photo's - hope the shoulder is feeling a bit better!

All the best Jan
Lady Fi said…
What a lovely winter wonderland!
Rambling Woods said…
I love the sun which we aren't seeing too often here.... love your solar panels

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