Tea Time

One of the gifts I received for Christmas was a beautiful box of teas...not in tea bags...an assortment of loose tea.  Along with the teas was a mug and an "infuser" all by "Teavana" now known as the Republic of Tea.

The only tea I have had has always been in a bag so using an infuser and measuring out the loose tea was a whole new thing for me.  I mean really, how complicated could it be?
So I made myself a cup of tea, Lemon Ginger specifically.  And to tell you the truth, I really wasn't impressed with the taste.  However, it was when I went to put the self sealing foil pouch away that my eyes spotted "the directions."

Who knew that you were supposed to steep the tea for "x" amount of minutes?  WHo knew that each type of tea has the "steep time" right on the box/bag?  Who knew I wasn't supposed to leave the tea bag in until I finished it?  Who knew that I wasn't supposed to be dunking by old tea bag?  Who knew that by following "the directions" I would eliminate the bitter aftertaste?

Well, let me tell you that once I followed the directions, each cup of tea was absolutely AWESOME!!!  

just seeing, saying and sharing...

Tea Time

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MadSnapper said…
I love the reflections in your beautiful counter top, the window and outside.
That sounds like a lovely gift.
Ann Thompson said…
Ive never made tea from loose tea so I probably would have made it wrong too. I just stick a bag in the hot water, dunk it up and down a few times and I'm good to go

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