On The Road Again

Well, the big, old, red Dodge Diesel is back on the road folks!  There is just one more thing that needs to be done...valve cover gasket, which is scheduled for tomorrow.  The following are the things were replaced/repaired:

Rear main seal
Fly wheel machined 
New pressure plate and clutch
Rebuilt transmission
New real end universal joint
New ball joint
New brake pads
Repair leak in fuel line*
* (after it leaked the diesel fuel all over his garage...not good since he hadn't gone out to the garage for two flipping days!!  Old cranky pants was REALLY cranky then!!)

So, with that said, the Pres is back on the road.  He's happy and I'm THRILLED!  In fact, Monday, after he went to the dentist, he drove out to help his youngest daughter do their taxes.  Since he was gone all day, I brought my Subaru in for it's checkup, then came home and did the "dolly domestic" thing.  When he came home, I had just taken out two pans of chicken divan and was in the process of making the rice.

 I said, "Hon, you have your shoes on?  After seeing him nod, I said, "Oh good...why don't you take this pan of chicken divan and extra rice I just made down to Luke and Laura's.  They can have it for dinner."  

Off he went in the big, old, red Dodge Diesel...:).

Happy for him that he has his truck again, I was more than a little concerned when this morning, trying to beat an ice storm, he left for RI.  His mission:  to give my daughter and her honey a hand installing and wiring a few overhead lights for their basement. 

just seeing, saying and sharing...

On The Road Again

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carol l mckenna said…
Creative photo ~ Glad the President has his truck back ~ thanks,

Wishing you a Happy and Peaceful week ~ ^_^

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