Snow Is Magical


Thanks to a clipper that came through New England, Mother Nature was draped in white.

Yes, the "white stuff."

And it was beautiful!

Whether looking out as it came down or being out in it, it was still magical.

just seeing, saying and sharing...

Snow Is Magical

with you and those at


I must admit, it is pretty. Cold...heavy to shovel...but pretty.
It does look pretty ...

All the best Jan
Fun60 said…
It does look magical
Red Rose Alley said…
Your snow pictures are so pretty. I don't get to see the snow much living here in California unless we drive an hour away to the mountains. Enjoy this white wonder when it comes. It's been raining a lot here.

Ann Thompson said…
It's coming down here too. I'm not seeing the magic here, I'm just feeling the cold

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