Spring: The Beginning

The blurry "Mrs" in the pic, said with excitement and exuberance...

"This is it. This is the one I want! It's perfect for us!!"
"Back off," said the man of the house.

Sticking his head inside to have a look around, he replied, "Go sit on that fence while I check the place out. It looks like it needs a little work."

"Oh, for crying out loud!! By the time you decide how much work needs to be done, some other house hunter will snatch it up," she said in a huff as her pouty attitude became more apparent.

"Why do you have to be so slow to make a decision? Listen, I'm telling you that old woman who lives next door always feeds us well, so just do what I say, you handsome "blue-coat" and say YES....PLLLLLEEEASE."

"Oh alright. But if the woodpecker who was drilling here comes back, it won't be pretty! You know I sing a great song, but inside, I'm a fighter!!"

"Awwww...I know you. You could take care of him. Now lets go get some dinner because we finally have a place to call home."

just seeing, saying and sharing...

Spring: The Beginning

Oh, one more thing. If you have nesting boxes in your yard or on your property, PLEASE be sure to clean them out. New tenants like to start FRESH! A clean home is a happy home...:) In case you don't believe "the old woman," check out this link:
Bluebird Nest Box Care


Gayle said…
Super Series and narration!!! I hope they locked the door when they went to dinner.
Great narrative. I'm afraid we're a long way off from spring here.
Ann Thompson said…
Lol just a typical couple
NanaDiana said…
That is one for the birds! lol Love it- stories AND pictures. I always imagine animals (and birds) carrying on conversations, too. Maybe I am not the only crazy one around blogland. lol xo Diana
Latane Barton said…
Such a cute post about the bluebirds. I had fun reading all about them choosing a home.
Hootin' Anni said…
How fun! And such striking beauty to boot!

Thanks so much for sharing this with us at I'd rather b birdin. I enjoyed it so.
Red Rose Alley said…
Hello, I saw you on Nana Diana's blog. These bird pictures are lovely. I am a bird watcher, and I see the blue jay often around my area.

Me and my daughters also have a blog, and we would love it if you could visit us and follow, and I would certainly follow you as well. It's nice to meet new friends. Have a sweet day.

~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

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