The Cold Shoulder

The morning after we got our small amount of snow last week, everything around here was delayed. It was not like that when I was a kid! Nor did they cancel school when my kids were growing up!

However, it was all the delays that told me that I didn't have to be at the gym quite so early. So, dressed and ready to go, I turned on TV and began watching the Today show. Hearing the Pres' snoring in the background, I took my normal spot on the couch and then, glancing out the GR window at the magnificent view, there it was.

Do YOU see it?

Forgetting about the Pres' snoring and the Today show, this time I grabbed zoomerooni because I wanted to see this guy close-up.

Watching it bask in the sun for forty five minutes, I got more than a few shots to show you. It was far more intriguing than TV. Such a magnificent looking bird even though it would not turn around and kept giving me the cold shoulder.

Don't you love the way the wind was blowing his feathers?
And check out that beak!

It was still perched in our tree when I left for the gym.

just seeing, saying and sharing...

The Cold Shoulder

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Empty Nester said…
I always get a kick out of trying to imagine what you're going to talk about and show us from your clever titles even though I have yet to get one right. LOL
Good gravy woman you've got good eyes.
Bee Lady said…
I think they know! I just posted about a bird that gave me the cold shoulder, when I went to take it's picture. Only it was not wild, but a pet in a cage at a restaurant.

Ann said…
You've got some good eyesight. I looked at that picture quite a while and couldn't spot a thing
eileeninmd said…
Hello, it is a beautiful hawk. Great sighting. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!
Gayle said…
Love the over the shoulder looks ;)
What a great sight sky and a hawk, well spotted.

All the best Jan
Rohrerbot said…
What a beautiful view from outside your window. But it does look a little chilly:) Have a great weekend.
Anni said…
Wonderful!!! It's exciting to see these from such a distance and then zoom in on it [even tho it gave you the 'cold shoulder']

LOL on Bee Lady's comment.

Thanks for sharing this link with us birders this week at I'd Rather B Birdin'.

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