Things Are Looking Up

This past Saturday, while you busy doing the things you love to do, I was on an adventure.  I was learning and looking for eagles.

It began when I signed up for a presentation hosted by The Last Green Valley.  Once I found out that the agenda was EAGLES, I couldn't register fast enough.  When you're as passionate about these birds as I am, it seems you can never get enough.  Photographs of them leave you breathless.  Facts about them intrigue you.  I am so lucky and fortunate to be part of it since it seem that there is always something to learn about them.

As the presentation winded down, Chief Ranger Bill told us we would all meet in the parking lot for the next segment..."Lets go find some Eagles."

Heading to one of the fish hatcheries here in CT where both adult and immatures have been spotted on many occasions, the wind and sun seemed to be in our favor because there, in the distance, an immature soared over the trees.

While we walked, I shared some of my adventures and observations with Bill, who is in love with them also.  He, too, was introduced to them unexpectedly.  For me, it was when we moved back to CT and for Bill, it was on one of his kayaking adventures.

Driving home, as my heart and mind began to settle down after an exhilarating morning and a great walk in the nippy, January air, I was anxious to tell the Pres about the day.  It was when we were eating lunch about a half hour later that my story was interrupted by me saying, "And speaking of eagles, there's one now."

I caught it just as it was heading behind the trees. (see the small boomerang shape?)

just seeing, saying and sharing...

Things Are Looking Up


Stewart M said…
as there every been a more tempting request than 'lets go find some eagles'?

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
Ann Thompson said…
Rand they didn't have to ask you twice to go find eagles 😀
I love looking for Eagles. We have plenty here in the winter but anytime I see one or several I am excited. The wonder never stops.
Felicia said…
they indeed are majestic.

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