Watch Your Step

Well, even though that goofy old groundhog said we'd have six more weeks of Winter, I'm fine with it.

Whether it's the Red Bellied Woodpecker perched on an icy branch or a doe stepping quietly through the woods, I'm happy.

Let's face it, how could I be upset with that dumb, old groundhog when I get to check out the movement in the trees only to spot Wild Turkey stepping carefully along the damp, moss laden branches?  

In fact, as I'm typing this post, there are a few deer passing through.  This is there time pre-dawn and dusk.

Oh, one more thing.
  Walking around the yard all Winter, the dogs and I have come across an awful lot of "bunny residue."  They love it.  (My vet told me they think it's a treat...YUCK!)

Image result for rabbit scat

  To me, seeing all those "bunny balls" just means that I'm sure to have a bunch of these little rabbits scampering around this Spring and Summer.  

just seeing, saying and sharing...

Watch Your Step

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Ann said…
That's a lot of reasons to be happy. We've frequently had bunnies living under our shed and I remember how Duke used to really enjoy his bunny treats "EWWWW"
Gayle said…
Sweet bunnies.
Unlike Punxsutwaney Phil who lives a life of luxury a little farther north; here at home, Muldoon Mortie didn't show his face. I suspect he is still hibernating like normal.
Susie said…
JP, Seeing a turkey in a tree just makes me laugh...I am so used to seeing them in the frozen foods department at the grocery.LOL Love the deer's sweet face. I love to see bunnies...but not in the gardens. That is one little critter that makes me not plant flowers in the ground around here...they eat them. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
MadSnapper said…
I want to hug that little bunny.. yummy treats Jake would love them. I saw a sign at the SPCA this week, Bunnies are 20.00..
The deer are so pretty! We have wild turkeys here but not as dark as yours. The feathers you find must be beautiful! Watch where you step! heehee! Hugs!
carol l mckenna said…
Awesome deer photos and love the bunny shots too ~ thanks,

Wishing you Happy and Peaceful weekend ~ ^_^
Bee Lady said…
I love your wildlife pictures! I've seen deer, bunnies, and a hawk this week. I am mad at that groundhog! I'm ready for spring.

I'm with you, JP, in that I don't mind the winter weather at all, and that's why we live in New England. Of course, we are grateful that we don't have to go out and do any snow removal as we did for so many years of living in NJ. Who would have thought that bunny droppings were doggie treats?
Red Rose Alley said…
Yaaaay, I was able to follow this morning. For some reason, it wouldn't let me yesterday. So, I see you have the deer on here. There is something very special about this animal. That little bunny sure is cute. I just love your nature pictures, friend. And that picture of the woodpecker is great!

It is a winter wonderland ... and isn't the bunny so cute.

All the best Jan
LOVE your photos...I never get to see things like this around my place!!

Jane x

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