A Handy Man

Being in high demand must be nice...sometime. When the Pres retired fifteen years ago, he told me that he was done working. This came from a man who always worked two jobs. His primary job was as a firefighter while his secondary job was working for a building contractor. And to the Pres, it didn't matter whether it was a holiday or not, when he was needed, he went. So, when he retired, he retired. He didn't want a house that needed a lot of work, which is why we bought this house built in 2011. And most of the time he's truly "retired"...you know kicking back, watching his favorite shows on TV.

The Pres'Sit Spot
However, lately he has been doing a little more. Last weekend, he drove to RI to give my daughter and Angel an idea of what it would take to replace the fascia boards on their house and to enlarge an existing porch.  Meanwhile, I was home with the dogs (because now that they are older, they are not as active and need a little more tending to) so he went solo and it's about a 3 hour round trip.

That same day, my son sent me a few pix of a tree in their yard. We had had some pretty significant wind the day the Pres was on the road which caused the damage.  My son wanted to get some input from the Pres about taking down the 12 inch broken limbs that had not yet snapped completely.  Getting home from RI that afternoon, he called our son after he was "in his sit spot," and made arrangements to go there the next day.

Through the whole thing, I just listened. I must say this...although I often get annoyed at the Pres for various things that he doesn't "do" here, he sure is the right guy to have around.

just seeing, saying and sharing...

A Handy Man

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Just as long as he doesn't overdo it.
Ann said…
a guy like that is a keeper. Just about everyone I know that has retired has said that they were busier after they retired than when they were working. It's good to keep active though and the Pres will never have to worry about not feeling needed...lol
gld said…
Busy is good.... and a blessing to those he is busy for.

That is the reason I don't pressure my DH to sell the cows...he is up and at it every morning.
Oh, having a handy person around is a true gift. Love my DH to bits, but he wasn't raised to be handy at all. Where is my brother when I need him? Oh, 400 miles away at his house. (sigh)
A handy man indeed ...

All the best Jan

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