Behind Fences

Although I still haven't been anywhere to speak of, I have a few doctor's appointments this week which will finally get me out of the house. Thank goodness!!!

However being home has had it's good points.  For instance, take a peek at the young couple who have made their presence and love apparent now that Spring is just around the corner.

They seem to always be together whether foraging through the scattered seeds beneath the feeders or just hanging out.  Red Squirrels are feisty, brazen, vocal creatures.  They will take on a much larger Gray squirrel, chasing them away from the seed until they've had their fill.

Personally, I think she's "due" soon, son't you?

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Behind Fences

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Gayle said…
Your diagnosis seems correct. As I was typing the RG commented "that gray squirrel is out there again; what a comedian."
Pamela Gordon said…
They are brazen little guys! We have a pair here doing clean up duty every day. Along with the crows. I hope you have a nice day.
Betty said…
I haven't been around for a while. I'm sorry to hear you've been stuck home with health problems. Hope all will be well soon. Yes, I think that squirrel is about to burst!
Wow...I don't think a tummy like that is due to 'seed over indulgence' for sure.
Well, I hope your doctor's appointments go well.

Lovely to see these photographs, so cute!

All the best Jan
Ann Thompson said…
Hope the doctor appointments go well. Yes I would say that will be a family of three soon
Gosia said…
interesting shots, thanks

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