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The past few weeks have been busy...not for me...for the adult Eagles that have, once again, returned to nest.  They have been chatting up a storm, shrieking at the dogs and I to announce their presence, gathering pine sprigs to add to the nest, collecting mosses to work on the bowl (the part of the nest where the eggs are cradled) and soaring.  Over the past few days, they are always together or in close proximity. 

In my opinion and based on their recent behaviors, they will mate soon (if they haven't already done so). 

If mating is successful, the female (the larger of the pair) will lay her eggs within 5-10 days.  Since a Bald Eagle's clutch can consist of several eggs, they are laid one at a time every three days. 

The first egg will hatch in about 35 days and then the remaining eggs every 2-3 days.
   (to be continued...)

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The Truth

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NanaDiana said…
What an interesting thing to follow and watch. I can't wait to see some results! xo Diana
Good grief..imagine giving birth every 3 days for five or six times. I think I'd be turning in my 'lady eagle' badge.
We will also be watching and waiting ...

All the best Jan
It's a long but amazing process. Not sure about eagles, and I find your posts fascinating, but I was always surprised at how long the ducks, swans, geese, and the mourning doves at the lake sit on those eggs. And then in 10 days or so the little babes are off flying or paddling after mom and dad. Is this correct? Just an observation.

Thanks for the great photo, JP.

Jane x
Cathy Kennedy said…
How cool! Is this near your home? Good job! Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Rambling Woods said…
I agree! This is very exciting to be able to watch and to share....Michelle

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