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Although I hadn't yet gone through training, when the volunteer's schedule of events was made available, I signed up for a few events.  That was in February.  The 2017 events ranged from working at local Farmer's Markets to leading walks, participating in tours, greeting the public, etc, and since I'd been a member of The Last Green Valley (TLGV) for several years, this year I decided to go one step further.  I volunteered to become a Ranger.  And what do rangers do, you ask?  Rangers help out at events, lead walks, etc.  We help spread the word about The Last Green Valley (an aerial view shown here).  The 35 town stretch, designated as a National Heritage Corridor by the U.S. National Park Service, is the last strip of "green" that appears dark when flying over at night because it is located between highly populated and developed areas...Providence, Worcester and Hartford.
The last green valley locator map
Anyway, one of the events I'd volunteered for was to be held March 4th...a "Winter Farmer's Market."  However, the training I WAS scheduled for in February never happened because I was sick and rescheduled to March 8th.  Meanwhile, the 4th was upon us, so off I went.

Greeted by Chief Ranger Bill who took me under his wing and showed me what I was supposed to do, the day flew by.  To me the work really wasn't work. It was just plain fun!  Interacting with people is a favorite of mine.  Manning the portable booth displaying all things good in TLGV, including membership applications, Paddle Guide (for the Quinebaug, Willimantic and Shetucket River Water Trails), TLGV Maps, local farm brochures and historical characters from the 35 towns to name a few.

And again, the "work" was easy.  Greeting people with a smile, shaking hands and getting to know them wasn't "work" at all...not for me...especially when you live in the 35 town National Heritage Corridor in Eastern CT and South Central Mass.  A non-profit organization, how could I not volunteer?  It's everything I enjoy!!  After all, "they (TLGV) help you care for it, enjoy it and pass it on."  

Of course, there are perks...like checking out some of the vendors...that come with the "work."

For me, wandering around the market and seeing what the local vendors had to offer was interesting too.  Local farmers had grass fed beef for sale, honey, homemade tomato sauce, alpaca wool, goat's milk soap, while wood carvers peddled their wares too.

What really made me feel good was when the head ranger told me, "JP, you're really, really good at this."  

My response?

"And you thought I was just a pretty face?"

just seeing, saying and sharing...

Volunteer At Work

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Ann said…
Oh, good for you. This is right up your alley.
Congratulations on being a solid contributor to your community.
Volunteering at something you enjoy really isn't "work" at all as you well know, JP. Looks and sounded like you had a really great time and sure those you interacted did as well!
NanaDiana said…
Good for you. That sounds like a wonderful opportunity to volunteer. I find volunteering to be one of the most satisfying things I have ever done. I bet you ARE good at it! Hope you have a great week. xo Diana
betty-NZ said…
Good on you for taking that next step! It's never really 'work' when you enjoy what you're doing and you had a great 'job'!!
Rambling Woods said…
Oh yea for you and thank you for volunteering...I would love to do that but can't count on being able to function well on any given day.... Love that you did this...Michelle

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