Windows of Opportunity

 Looking out the kitchen window, which faces East, I wondered if any birds would be sitting on the giant bird perch that Mother Nature created.  It was empty.  Not one single turkey that morning which surprised me because the snow was still quite deep and would be difficult for them to walk in.  

Now it was time to see what I would spot outside the slider on the South side of the house.  Happening too quick to fully focus, I spotted an immature eagle gliding overhead.  Once the adult nesting eagles sounded the alert, it headed West of their territory.

Then, landing in the tree closest to the house, it wasn't long before the fat robins appeared on the South side.   Flying down to the exposed dry grass on the East side of the house, I peeked on the DR window.

But wait a minute...that bird is far too large to be a robin, I thought.
That's because it wasn't!!  It was a Yellow Shafted Flicker...:)

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Windows of Opportunity

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You really took advantage of YOUR windows of opportunity.
Ann said…
Great opportunities. It's nice to be able to spot things like this right from your own window
eileeninmd said…
Love the flicker, great photos. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!
Oh that flicker is lovely, what gorgeous colouring.

All the best Jan
Ida said…
Goodness you spotted a good variety of birds. I'd love for an Eagle to fly over head like that. We had a few Flicker's here during Feb. but haven't seen any since it's turned a little warmer.

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