Earth Day

I could have volunteered to work with a group cleaning up, but there was no group for this clean-up.

Picking up the trash along the road (both sides, I  might add) from the bottom of our gravel road to the hill you see in the distance, I worked solo.

And this year, I am pleased to report that I ONLY GOT TWO GARBAGE BAGS!!!!

(Yes, in previous years, I've gotten as many as five!)

Of course, it was a damp, wet morning which didn't help my aches and pains afterwards, I will say.

Stepping in and out of the gully along one side of the road, my feet got soaked and crawling in and out of the pricker bushes, I torn my favorite flannel shirt!!!

However, it was for a good GREAT cause...
Remember, treat HER with respect...:)

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Earth Day

with you and those at

Oh, one more thing.
Here's our little White Spruce the Pres planted.
Don't you just love the tomato cage he placed around it?


eileeninmd said…
Hello, we go along our street and clean up trash. I do not understand why people in cars going by have to throw their trash out their car windows. The little spruce is cute. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!
Darn, I forgot all about Earth least I didn't throw any trash on the ground.
NanaDiana said…
Good for you for doing that! It is always so nice to see a big turnout for Earth Day and know that people still love and respect our planet. xo Diana
Ann Thompson said…
Good job. Too bad about the shirt and the aches and pains
Stewart M said…
We went for a bit of a canoe trip a week of so ago - so many plastic bottles and such like in the river - I'll have to go back a collect a load soon I think. Felt guilty just paddling past them.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
Yes, we should treat our world with more respect.
It annoys me to see people throwing rubbish around, sometimes out of their car windows when driving along.
Take it home and dispose of it safely and wisely please ...

All the best Jan

PS Your spruce looks good.
Rambling Woods said…
Oh good job...I am at a point where both elbows are too painful to do much of anything and I want to be doing gardening stuff.... This is the best time of year to feel renewed..Michelle

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