Finding Town Hall

Being Thursday and the fact that I link in to Gosia's Good Fences, here are a few of the recent fences I've come across in my travels.

At least, in both instances, I knew where I was...LOL!

Which reminds me...

Country roads can be little deceiving.  For instance on Wednesday, I had volunteered to help with a town "clean-up" in honor of Earth Day, which is this Saturday, the 22nd.

So as usual, I GPS'd "Town Hall, Such & Such Town, CT."
WRONG...I ended up on Town Hall Rd, in Such & Such Town.  

Again I tried but this time I typed in Such & Such Town's Town Hall.  WRONG...ending up at a doctor's practice, I became frustrated and just decided to stay on that road until I spotted some people getting out of their car to go into a church.  Asking if they knew where "town hall" was the woman said, "Just say on this road and go, and go and go until you come to the center of town and it's on your right."

So, I drove and drove and drove just like she said, hit the center of town and there it was...TOWN HALL, the place where all the clean-up volunteers were to meet.  Surprised that I made it in time, when I extended my hand to introduce myself, I told them all the story.  After they stopped chuckling, they handed me a few trash bags and sent me on my way. 

Well, I picked up a lot of trash that morning...
cigarette butts, coffee cups, liquor bottles, hypodermic needles, a hair brush, a stainless steel fork, candy wrappers, chewing tobacco wrappers and beef jerky wrappers.  However, the best find of the day was a pink kidney shaped puke this only pink!
Image result for hospital puke pan

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Finding Town Hall

with you and those at


NanaDiana said…
LOL---Ummmm....the proper name for the PUKE PAN is Emesis Basin....LOL.....I think it is hysterical how our GPS will take us where we DON'T want to go as often as they take us to the right place.
Hope you washed your hands when you got home. xo Diana
eileeninmd said…
Good morning, I have had a few weird turns using my GPS. Kudos to you for helping clean up your town! That is a pretty barn, great fence shots. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!
Pauline said…
I think we would still be going round and round Auckland city centre if we hadn't enlisted the help of the GPS yesterday. They can be very helpful sometimes. Other times, not so much, I know. Interesting what we find on the road sides sometimes!!
Pauline said…
Where did my comment go? Hope you got it.

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