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In between downpours...that depressing, almost constant rain we've had...I spotted the smaller flock of wild turkeys wandering through the woods.  Pecking through the leaf litter beyond our fence, this time I noticed something interesting.

As they approached the pile of tree stumps that we intentionally left for the woodsy critters, I watched intently as a female took the lead.  Cautiously looking and listening for anything dangerous, she proceeded to climb the huge pile while the males and other hens followed.

The rest of the flock remained a safe distance behind as she climbed to the top and spread her wings, making her descent less complicated.

So was she the leader or the stool pigeon?

By the time the males got to the top of the pile, the leader was long gone.

Did you know that the male wild turkeys "provide no parental care" and while the newly hatched chicks follow the female, she only feeds the chicks for a few days.  Then they are left to fend for themselves.

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Follow The Leader

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Gayle said…
I say leader since her man doesn't participate in childcare.
Ann said…
Well the female turkey has it made. I had to feed my little chicks for over 18 years :)
Susie said…
JP, That sounds like some turkey "tough" love. I know a few parents who need some turkey lessons...from the female, not the males. LOL. We had rain a lot this weekend is gorgeous. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
That's tough love for you....poor little chickies.
MadSnapper said…
my sister in law fed her two chicks until they were 30, son and daughter lived at home until age 30. arrrh. I would rather be a turkey. LOL... I guess they thought she was dispensable in case the stuff fell on her, she was the test case to see if it was sturdy. that's my therory
diane said…
I didn't know that.....what an interesting bit of information.
Apparently, she was leaving them in her dust!!
diane @ thoughts&shots
I didn't know that.
That's why I love 'blogland' you do learn and pick up helpful information from our fellow bloggers.

All the best Jan
Amazing information! I know nothing about turkeys. Sad about the chicks, but thats nature.

Hope to get by more often...I've been under the weather for forever it seems.

Jane x
eileeninmd said…
Hello, great sighting of the wild turkeys. I did not know that about their chicks. I hope they learn quickly. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your weekend!

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