Out Of The Closet Again

Straightening up the utility room Saturday, I spotted the cardboard box that Alva was in. Here it was April 8th and I hadn't even thought about her!! 

Taking the two planters out of the box, I began snipping away at all her dead, dried remains from last Fall. 

Before I was done, however, I thought, Oh crap, that little table I put the planters on is now being used in the laundry room! Now what? I wonder if the old tea cart will fit in the spot where the small table is.

Well, it did so now I was all set and ready to bring Alva up into the dining room facing East (which she seems to like). Time flew by as I moved the laundry stuff off the small table and onto the old, well worn tea cart.

It was after I moved the tea cart out of the utility room that it happened. After placing all the laundry stuff on the cart, I returned to sweep up the floor and cob webs where the cart had been and thought, Gee, this would make a perfect spot for my weights and bench. Then I decided to move the stuff on the shelf above my bench to the top of the old lockers. 

First the heavy wooden goose named Soverign, then the Noah's Ark Christmas countdown. However, before I returned to the shelf, a loud CRASH!!!! The five quart ceramic crock pot was smashed on the concrete floor...and I mean smashed!  Somehow, the lid survived the fall though...LOL!

So, it was a busy Saturday.  And to think it all began with Alva!

just seeing, saying and sharing...

Out Of The Closet Again


Felicia said…
be careful. we don't want any smashed toes or fingers.
Ann said…
Well at least it waited until you moved out of the way to fall :)
MadSnapper said…
I can't believe you forgot Alva because I have been waiting for you to bring my grandmother out of the closet because it is April... can't wait to see what she looks like soon. oh noooooooooo on the crock pot. each time I wash mine I try to be so careful because just one slip and it would be like yours.. glad it did not fall on your toes

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