Spring Has Sprung

As our surroundings are beginning to green up nicely, I've been seeing a lot of activity with the crows and turkeys.  It seemed that the only time I got some "quiet time" was when I was in my "sit spot" observing and journaling the Eagles' activity.

I love Nuthatches.  They are so round and plump, I find them irresistible.

Hearing them behind me, sure enough, there they were perched atop one of the White pines towering above me.

I wonder why Crows are so noisy.  

And then, another morning a pair of drakes walked slowly side by side.  One would fan, then fold, fan out, then fold and then the two would put their necks outs and let loose their mating call.

I watched these two studs for about 20 minutes.  They were so entertaining...LOL!

Meanwhile, as one of the adults was coming in for brooding duty, it circled and circled above all of us critters in the woods letting me know, it saw me.

No alerts given...just subdued chirps from the mate on the nest. 

I even spotted an immature (perhaps last year's female) looking for a handout.

just seeing, saying and sharing...

Spring Has Sprung

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gld said…
These are absolutely wonderful bird shots! Spring has sprung here; our first hummers have arrived and I have already seen three butterflies.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, nice variety of birds. I love nuthatches too. Cool sighting of the turkeys and the eagle. Have a happy day!
Rose said…
Great captures....
NanaDiana said…
Wow! Those are really awesome captures. I especially love that first one--it is like a soft portrait. xo Diana
The nuthatches are very cute---we have them at the lake and I know this because my neighbor points them out to me. Otherwise I would just chalk it up to another cute bird. lol!

We have the largest crows here in the city. I mean the size of a large cat. And loud. The crows at the lake are of a less nuclear induced size. We had a nest near the driveway and my hubs thought the were actually saying things to him. Do you think they can mimic people?

Love your shots.

Jane x
Nice wildlife photos, JP, and hope the turkeys hide in NovemberšŸ˜ŠWe used to see nuthatches near our feeders in VA but Incould never get a good shot!
Nice to see your selection of pictures here,

All the best Jan
betty-NZ said…
You certainly got a lot of visitors in your 'sit spot'!! Your photos are awesome.
Susie said…
JP, I love little nuthatches and the cute sound they make. It's not a song , more like a call, I guess. We have them here. they are fun to watch cracking a sunflower seed. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

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