The Landing

Working on another project while my daughter and her honey were away on vacation, the Pres knocked out the new landing like it was nothing. 

In a nutshell, he removed the old 4'x4' landing, pulled the stairs out toward the driveway, dug and put in new pylons before building a new 6'x10' landing.

Of course, I only went the last morning when he went to put on the spindles and for the final inspection.

Well, it came out AWESOME (except for the one flaw I found) and the following day, when the kids got home, the enlarged space made carrying in their luggage much easier. 


While he worked on the landing, I weeded their side bed.  However, our time was limited that day and soon it was time to hit the road and head home.  

When we went through one of the small towns on our way home, we hit "the light" just right. It seemed that for months, "the light" was always green and I could never get a good look at the name and phone number I so desperately wanted! 

But that morning was different.  "The light" was red enabling me to finally jot the number and name down.

Calling a few days later, I introduced myself telling him that we would soon be in RI again and asked if we could stop in for a visit.  A soft spoken man , who sounded like such a compassionate and caring man, he told me to just give him a jingle when we passed through as he was only 3 minutes away from "the light."  After I hung up, I just knew he was going to be as awesome in person as he was on the phone. 

to be continued...

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

The Landing

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NanaDiana said…
NOT NICE to leave me hanging like that -WHAT is close to THE LIGHT? Ummm...there's an old saying - DON'T GO to the light! Guess you missed that! Great new porch- did the kiddos know you were doing that? xo Diana
So glad you now have a landing that works just right for you!
This is so two worked hard.

The end of your post has me mystified...

Jane x
Terra said…
Great new landing, and a mystery man and visit in your future.
Stewart M said…
People who can do that sort of thing astound me - I am rubbish at all forms of DIY!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
Ann said…
The landing looks great. The Pres does good work. I'm curious about this name and number you called.
The pres does such very nice work, JP, and so do you!

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