A Little Trim

Dwarfed by the massive pine, the Pres wasted no time in tackling the task at hand...removing the lower dead branches from the 100' White Pines behind our house. 

Telling me that he could get most of the branches with his pole saw, he began right away.
Chain saws and ladders don't mix so the pole saw was the tool for the job, according to the Pres.

 We had severed the Oriental Bittersweet at ground level back in 2015 after I learned how the invasive vine strangles trees.  Actually we walked our entire property looking for it.  It was a "search and destroy" mission...LOL...and each vine we spotted choking a tree was cut and sprayed!  

Now it was time to get rid of the unsightly, already dead Oriental Bittersweet vines.  They would simply be placed on one of the brush piles where all the critters hang out.  As for the branches of White pine, they will be transported to our wood carving friend...:)

just seeing, saying and sharing...

A Little Trim

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MadSnapper said…
your trees are gorgeous, love them ALL and just picture that pole he is holding in the hands of my 80 year old hubby with a small chain saw on the end... you are so right about saws and ladders. he looks safe
Ann said…
Seeing the Pres next to that tree really puts it into perspective how huge it really is. Good job on getting that all cleaned up
Pamela Gordon said…
Those are huge trees!! Quite a job trimming them.
They are huge trees.
Well done to the Pres on a job well done!

All the best Jan
Rambling Woods said…
Oh my goodness...those trees are huge...that is a big job..well done...Michelle
Huge beautiful old trees and good to be able to prune them perfectly "yourself" ... ( don't know about you, but I always take credit for do-it-yourself" projects even if all I do is lend moral support).

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