Caught In The Act

I finally "caught him in the act."

Lying flat against the tree trunk, this squirrel was either using the stance to:

act as a protective mechanism
hide it's light colored underside, reducing visibility
blend in with the tree bark to avoid detection
protect the vital organs if attacked
to cool down the body temperature

just seeing, saying , and sharing...

Caught In The Act

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MadSnapper said…
the sun shining through his cute little ear is giving his hiding place a way. Happy Mothers day
Cloudia said…
A wonderful rich shot
Caught so well ...

All the best Jan
Kathe W. said…
hah! we have these same Gray squirrels here! Great capture!
Smart squirrel, quick photographer!
Or just taking a moment to check out his/her surroundings before continuing on down the trunk.
NanaDiana said…
Wow- Does he blend in, or what? Amazing!!!! xo Diana
Stewart M said…
Nice shot of squirrel yoga - he (?) looks a great deal more flexible than me!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

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