Every Watt Counts

When I received the email, I was, I'll admit, reluctant to open it.  Like many, many others, due to all the recent alerts being given to PC, mobile phone, and tablet users, hoping for the best, I finally decided to just do open it.

Well, it was from Chris who was calling my attention to a link I had posted on my blog back in 2014...a link that was no longer valid.  In the email, he included the valid link as well,  Off I went to check it out...my old post, the old link and the new link. 

Finding out he was right, I removed and replaced the old incorrect link with the new link (the one shown below).  Doing so made me think just a little harder about the energy we use. 

The Pres and I have always been energy conscious.  In fact, I recently ordered LED replacements for my electric candle lights I have in all the windows.

So, would swapping out your old Incandescent light bulbs and CFL bulbs, be a step in the right direction?  ABSOLUTELY!!! 

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Every Watt Counts

with you and those at


MadSnapper said…
I agree about the watts and if every one did what you did it would save a lot of energy
We've done that as well...unfortunately we haven't seen much of a difference in our bill.
Ann Thompson said…
We can't do that in my house. Wade makes incandescent light bulbs for a living. He's been doing it all his adilt life. The ones his shop ,akes get shipped overseas. I know they are supposed to be better but quite honestly I dont like LED lights all that much
NanaDiana said…
I know- I have been trying to be more energy conscious, too. I will say I like the light thrown by the old incandescent bulbs better in some places. Hope you have a great night- xo Diana

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