Gardening 101

My garden's not for vegetables
I grow only flowering plants
So, it wasn't much of a surprise
When I found all the ants!

Hoeing the soil around each one
It really wasn't funny 
What I discovered early one morning
This hole dug by a bunny!

I do not want to move it
Even if I could
But can't YOU tell the bunnies
That they belong out in the woods?!?!?!

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Gardening 101

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Bee Lady said…
Your garden is beautiful. I love the stones you have in it. Cute poem.

At least our bunnies confine their holes to under the garden shed...the moles are anodther issue. what a cute poem. Maybe you should join us for Poetry Monday.
Gayle said…
Lovely plantings. Bunnies are prolific atMuldoon this spring.
MadSnapper said…
Love your poem and it's perfect for your beautiful photos of your wonderful yard
Love your poem.
Love your photo's.

All the best Jan
Alison said…
Beautifully written and equally beautiful pictures!

Under the Big Oak Tree
Hope you will keep us posted, JP, on the possible bunny family in your flower garden.
Ann Thompson said…
Everything looks great. I wish I was good at gardening. I'm only good at killing things and growing weeds
NanaDiana said…
Oh! I love your flowers only gardens. You are my kind of gardener. I know I probably SHOULD and COULD but I don't do any food plants (except a few pumpkins sometimes and rhubarb...which reminds me-- I need to check on that! xo Diana
Latane Barton said…
You have such a beautiful flower garden. Nice to have gotten to see it.
Debby said…
nice garden. I can't wait till we start landscaping soon.
likeschocolate said…
You have a beautiful garden! Happy Spring!
UplayOnline said…
the moles are anodther issue. what a cute poem. Maybe you should join us for Poetry Monday.


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