Listening Skills

When the Pres told me he was going to move the rhubarb, my response was, "Not now,'s too late in the season.  We'll be picking it in a few weeks."  

I guess he didn't hear me because the next thing I saw was the Pres, shovel in hand, down by the rhubarb.

When he came back to the spot he decided to move it to, I noticed that the deep roots had been severed in the dig.  Once again, I spoke up.  "It doesn't matter," he said.  "It will be fine."

Then the Pres dug a hole and told me to go get the bag of compost, which I did.

I said, "Hon, you can't just dump the compost in the hole.  You're supposed to mix it with the soil.  You'll shock the plant."
Once again, my words were unheard.

Well, needless to say, the Pres did it his way that day.  

As of today, this is what we have stalk.  Everything else turned yellow, wilted, then keeled over.  However, I am hoping that next year, it will be enough to make a few pies.

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Listening Skills

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From experience I would say there is no use in telling men anything....they know it all and you can't convince them otherwise.
Susie said…
JP, I hate to say this but...Men ! Your Prez is not the only one girlfriend. Yesterday morning there were warnings of high winds on the local weather station,and later Ted says I think I'll burn the yard trash in our burn ring. Are you kidding me ?? I said "No, not today ." He gave me one of those I said, "Oh go ahead and burn the neighborhood down. "( This is a huge pet peeve with burning with no regard to wind directions or conditions) Now he stops and looks at me. Then I repeated the high wind report we had just heard on the news. "Oh", he says. Gaaaa. LOL I too hope that one stalk will survive. You will have to keep us posted. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
Sorry to read about the rhubarb, JP, and got to thinking that maybe he wasn't as fond of it as you were.
Ann Thompson said…
Men get an idea in their heads and there is no reasoning with them. Its really quite frustrating at times
Sally Wessely said…
How funny. You made my day. This sounds like something that would happen at my house.
carol l mckenna said…
Reminds me of situations in my life ~ sometimes I think men think women don't know anything ~ glad you got one stalk ~ hoping for some good pies!

Happy Week to you ~ ^_^
Felicia said…
Oh no!!! so what was Pres's response
Lady Fi said…
Oh no! But at least it will be back with more stalks next year.
Ida said…
Well that's a bummer. Thank goodness my hubby knows better than to move my plants.
UplayOnline said…
You will have to keep us posted. Blessings, xoxo, Susie


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