Mayo Anyone?

When my daughter suggested it, I said,  "Ewwwwwww"
And I heard her correctly.  She said, "Mom, the next time you make a grilled ham and cheese on your panini bread, put mayonnaise on the bread instead of butter."
Well, she was right...DELICIOUS!!!

just seeing, saying and sharing...

Mayo Anyone?

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Ann Thompson said…
Someone told me once to use mayo instead of milk when making mashed potatoes. That works good too
I've heard it's supposed to be good but bread and mayo are two items dthat are high in useless calories and we've cut them out entirely. Rats.
Sandi said…
I never would have thought...
I've been reading that the mayo browns more evenly without burning moreso than butter. Never tried it, though. I regularly use mayo in mashed potatoes.
Linda said…
And now we know where the butter/mayo divide is located. Your house😜 I don't know of anyone down here who would smear butter on their sandwiches. It is mayo all the way❣Linda@Wetcreek Blog
I'll have to try it...sometimes those younger ones can surprise us with something out of our realm I remember Emily making me a peanut butter and potato chip sandwich, heavenly!

Gayle said…
I'm in double cholesterol trouble on this subject. I put mayo on the inside and the standard butter on the outside.
MadSnapper said…
I saw the idea on FB of using the mayo in place of butter to make a grill cheese, since I am on a eating healthy have not tried it, but will soon. I love mayo on anything
I use a lower carb mayo ... and it's great.

All the best Jan
James said…
Good eye! Nice reflection!

Yes, Ive tried it and it's good! However, I've recently discovered that grilled cheese sandwiches are good without butter or mayo. Less calories too. :-)
Red Rose Alley said…
This looks so Yummy.

Happy Mother's Day, my friend.


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