Midnight Runs

For the past week or so, the Pres has been driving for a close friend...delivering flowers to various markets located in NH and or MA.  Each trip meant he would hit the sheets around 9 pm, set his alarm and hit the road around 1:30  am.

After making his deliveries, he would return to Cheshire, drop off the empty truck and wait for a new truck to be loaded for the the next's run.

So, his devoted girls (Moon and I) would wait patiently for him to bring home another load of annuals for the next delivery. 

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Midnight Runs

with you and those at

Gosia's Good Fences

Aren't you glad this post was NOT about me having the midnight runs?!?!  


Susie said…
JP, LOL...yes girl, we are happy. :) Wow that is a lot of driving. If I were Prez, I'd want a nap some time. :) I am glad you have Moon for company. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
Lea said…
Very nice fences!
Have a great day!
That's quite the schedule. I hope he doesn't have to do that too often.
carol l mckenna said…
The Pres sounds busy ~ but lovely fence photos and love the dog ~ thanks,

Happy Weekend ahead to you ~ ^_^
Pauline said…
Love that first photo, so leafy and green. It looks like safe haven behind that fence.
Oh my...I'm dying laughing! Naughty girl.

That is not a lot of sleep for your guy. Make him go to bed earlier. I am a grouch with anything less than 13 hours.

What sort of dog is Moon?

Jane x
Betty said…
I'd be exhausted with those hours! Hope you're doing OK. I've been gone for a while again.
Sounds a busy time with that schedule.
Great fences

All the best Jan

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