Meet George

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Meet George

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Monkeywrangler said…
Oh! A Foreman grill! Ok. I was thinking robotic vacuum instead...
NanaDiana said…
Hope you didn't forget to give George a bath before you put him to bed. lol
Have fun with him over the weekend. xo Diana
Susie said…
JP, So darn funny...I thought sure George would be a rumba vacuum. LOL I like how big that grill is, I could use that. Enjoy all your grilled yummys. Blessings, xoxo,Susie
I foresee many delicious meals in your future.......good old George.
Good old George!
Delicious meals coming soon I think!

All the best Jan
Ida said…
You are so funny...kept me in suspense to see who George was. Glad he worked out.
We never owned a "George" but similar type grills. Our current model is made by Cuisinart and we also have the waffle maker grills. These indoor grills come in handy for apt living since we can't BBQ on the premises here.

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