Small Minds

Do you ever wonder what goes through the minds of these small critters?

I couldn't help but wonder what, if anything, the tiny Hummingbird was thinking as it landed next to "the Eagle" as it took as sip of sugar-water.

Then it was the gathering of all the American Goldfinches, who I know have their own hierarchy at feeders.

Did you know they have a well established pecking order?

Next time you have a chance just watch the power plays at the feeders.

Speaking of power struggles, here are two recent pix of the male, perched in lower branches on their favorite dead tree, while the female sits at the top.  Once the chicks (nestlings, eaglets) reach 5-6 weeks old, the adults spend more time off the nest perched in nearby trees. 

Although the female is dominant in the relationship, the male, being smaller, is a faster, more agile hunter than the female.

In researching them, I read that the female quite often puts the male through a series of agility tests.  She apparently does not have a small mind!!

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Small Minds

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eileeninmd said…
Hello, wonderful variety. I love them all, the hummer, goldies and the eagle.
Great photos. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!
Rose said…
I have always wondered what the smaller critters think...I read somewhere that birds have more brain power than originally given credit for.

Love the eagles...
Such a lovely selection of photographs ...
I do often wonder what they may be thinking ...

All the best Jan
Sylvia said…
JP, I'm not sure what birds think about. They are always wary so keeping alive is paramount. Interesting on the pecking order. There are not many bird feeders in my area so little opportunity to observe. Great shots of the eagles. Have a great week. Sylvia D.

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