Am I Really Back?

WOW!  Blogging friends LDFs (Pat & Dorothy) and Sandra have been such a big help getting me up and running until my laptop is "built/configured" and although the majority of my photos are on the "T-Rex" (nickname for my T drive), I do have a few for you.  Anyway I hardly know where to begin, it's been so long.  So let's start with yesterday.
(NOTE to SELF: short term memory still working)

After a WONDERFUL Wednesday (because MY FORMER BOSS FOUND ME and we're going to get together soon...she was THE BEST BOSS EVER!!), I decided when I hit the sheets that I would go kayaking the following morning.  It was time for me to climb up and out of this slump.  Watching the forecast and hearing about clear, sunny skies and cool morning temps was when the thought first crossed my mind.   I haven't been near my kayak since early Spring.  The decision was made.    Thursday would be the day.   Climbing into bed, I pictured myself, once again, paddling old faithful, aka "the green machine", and finally drifted off as my breathing became deeper and slower.

Thursday morning, after packing my dry bag to include my favorite sandwich (peanut butter and honey on panini bread), a ripened to perfection peach, a granola bar and all the other essentials, I headed out.  To top it off, just as I was crossing the river near my house, there were two very familiar shapes in the sky...two Bald Eagles...probably my pair and I thought what a fitting and symbolic send-off. 


However, I question if the rest of the morning was as meaningful.  My first destination was a huge disappointment as the water had a ton of algae so I didn't even put the kayak in.  Then, while attempting to pull the kayak up the bank, the gosh darn wheels collapsed!!!  Not this again, I thought, the Pres had assured me that he had rigged up the wheel mechanism to prevent collapsing.  

 But I did not give "The Little Engine That Could," it was a struggle getting the kayak up to the car, but I did it.  Guessing that all my workouts are paying off, at least now I can carry the kayak a good distance.  Now, all re-loaded and still maintaining a positive attitude, I once again hit the road.

The next place I went to, I left my gear and the kayak in the car while I walked closer to the water.  Darn!!  Not good for getting the kayak in or back out...too steep and rocky.  Darn it all...because the water was crystal clear.   So, back in the car and on to my third and final destination.  Peering over the small stone bridge, the water was once again crystal clear. However, NOT good...water way too shallow...might as well head home

 So, it was with tail between my legs and a deep breath or two, I climbed back in the car.
On the way home though, I started thinking about everyone and everything I am grateful for.  The list was long...really long.  So all in all, the day wasn't a total loss. I did get to enjoy that savory sandwich and ripened to perfection peach.  

just seeing, saying and sharing...

Am I Really Back?

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Phil Slade said…
Good to see you back but clearly the bald Eagles never went away. Yes, a shame about the green algae spoiling your plan there. At least it means you have some sunshine I think.
Gayle said…
Excellent prose. I felt like I was right there with you. Are you watching this season of Alone? I relate you to Brooke. She assesses the situation; gets the job done and is ever grateful. (albeit I'm afraid her health is in trouble)
eileeninmd said…
Hello, it is good to see you back. Sorry the kayaking did not go over well.

Maybe next time. Always awesome to see the eagles. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!
You didn't get to kayak but you did see your easgles and some lovely scenery and frankly, that sandwich as worth the trip lol. Sooo glad you are back.
MadSnapper said…
oh yum on your lunch, I would love that all by itself even at home.. on no on the wheel collapse, glad you got it loaded alone. you are so brave, I just can't go out alone like you do, not even in a preserve walking.. you are very brave as are a few other bloggers that go hiking/biking/kayaking alone..
glad you are back
Betty said…
Yes, you're really back! Sorry about the failed kayak adventure. There is always the next time.
Red Rose Alley said…
It's nice to have you back in blog land, my friend. I am ready for a break myself. Sometimes we need one to recharge ourselves and come back refreshed and ready to go.

Enjoy the last of the summer days.

NanaDiana said…
Oh! That is so disappointing! I am glad that you are back here though- even if you can't share pictures of your kayaking trips.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend- xo Diana
Ann Thompson said…
Well you didnt get the kayak in the water but you made a good effort and that's what counts.
Felicia said…
Next time you will have success.
Susie said…
JP, You are up , out and moving. Glad you saw the eagles. I wish I could go kayaking too. Be safe when you go out. Blessings, xoxo,,Susie
Sylvia said…
JP, I have noticed a lot of algae on the ponds I have been visiting for bird photos. Too bad about the kayak trip. Glad to see your post. Sylvia D.
Thanks, JP, for the shout-out. Even though the kayak expedition didn't go as well as you had expected, still you got up and went and that's a great thing to have done. Better days will be coming and seeing the eagles again was surely great as well. That sandwich sounded great as I am a hugh PB and honey fan much better than deli fixings,

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