Bear Sighting

Last Thursday morning I received a text from my son.  It was short, simple and right to the point.

Mom, this is what came to breakfast this morning."

Like any mother, I love my son and his family.  However, since I knew the seriousness of a bear sighting, my response was short, simple and to the it...this is serious stuff.

Telling my son to never go outside without being observant and to never let my granddaughter out without checking the surroundings, I hoped that he would heed my words.

People around our state have been injured, startled and experienced recurring visits by the increasing numbers of black bears.   In fact, a friend of a friend who lives in an elderly community is frequented by black bears.  Their location?  Right outside city limits!!

When my son called to report the sighting, DEP Wildlife Division asked if the bear was tagged.  Remember to look for tags and get the number!

Later in the day, my son told me one my DIL's aunts asked how the girls reacted.

My son replied, "They were fine.  I was the one acting like a girl."

Hmmmm...I wonder what he meant by that.  I have to talk to that man!!

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Bear Sighting

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Sandi said…

MadSnapper said…
when I saw the bear at first I thought oh no, you got something to top the bob cat... then after I read it, it is your son's bear.. the only wild life we see here is raccoon and opossum. but there are bears out east of us and quite a few have been reported.
eileeninmd said…
Oh wow, unless there is food the bears will not stick around. Best not to put out trash to early and maybe get bear proof trash cans. They usually are on the hunt for their food before winter. I think it is exciting to see the bear.
Amazing photo! Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!
Yikes. That's just too close for comfort.
Ann said…
I saw the picture before I read and thought maybe you were starting your own wildlife zoo.
There have been several black bears spotted around here in the last year
carol l mckenna said…
Oh Boy ~ too close for comfort ~ but neat photo ~ Smart 'Mom advice' ~ ^_^

Sylvia said…
JP, That is really too close for comfort. Sylvia D.
What an amazing photo ...
Too close for comfort though!

All the best Jan
Ida said…
Oh my! - That's quite a visitor.
Red Rose Alley said…
Oh my, what a sight that must have been for your son. It would have started me though. What a great picture, and that fellow came right up to the back yard.

Rambling Woods said…
They are common visitors where my daughter is, uncommon here... Michelle
Florence said…
Yikes!! That is too close!!

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