I know I'm running late to get a post out there, however, it has been a full day.  For now, I'm relying on photos taken over the past few months.  Hoping, you'll like some of them, this one has become a favorite...:)

Another banner year for the Eastern Phoebes that frequent our yard.  Although I was nearly attacked by one when we lived in VA, I am so happy to see them build their nests.  They are the greatest bug catchers ever!!!

And another charming bug eater are the Eastern Bluebirds that nest in all our boxes.  Not only is their song melodic, they are such hard workers when it comes to caring for their young!!

Consuming grasshoppers, crickets, beetles, larvae, moths, they get their fill around here between the surrounding woods and the openness of the yard.

While the Chickadees refer white-fly, caterpillars, ants and earwigs (which I absolutely hate!!), they are always busy as are the Nuthatches focusing on the trees. 

Remember those trees we just took down?  The reason was simple.  The Pres wanted to open up that side of the house by thinning the trees since it was excessively crowded.  And I looked at it as an opportunity spread more seed for all our bug eaters and plant a few stray evergreens and cedars that pop up everywhere giving them nice cover for the Winter.  

just seeing, saying, and sharing...


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eileeninmd said…
Hello, I love both the Phoebe and the Bluebird. They are all great bug-eaters.

Enjoy your day!
MadSnapper said…
love that first photo, what a sweetie and so cute, end me a few bug eaters.. we have lots of bugs.. beautiful photos
That first photo is a winner indeed. Great bug control.
NanaDiana said…
Amazing photos. I really love that first one-the way the bird is twisting around looking. xo Diana
M.G.M. said…
Wow. I have never actually seen a bluebird in Connecticut. I live in Bristol, CT. I do see plenty of other birds. Does it take awhile before they show up, if you put a bluebird birdhouse out in the yard?
I have not seen any hummingbirds yet this year. I have orange trumpetvine (been there for at least 15 yrs) and honeysuckle, and monarda, and many others. I even put out a feeder with the sugar-water. but So far I have not seen any. They may be there, but just not seen by me. We have two indoor cats now. Of course they like to sit in the windows and watch all the other animals, etc. I put some bird feeders up last winter, and the young cat was thrilled to see them. So I added the hummingbird feeder hoping she would see some - but none!
Ann Thompson said…
Enjoyed all three pictures
Awesome pics, JP. Now that you know I'm observing our Northern birds, I appreciate your love of the same much more. :)

Jane x
Betty said…
I think the birds don't like me. I bought a really neat birdbath. It's ceramic and has little ceramic birds around the edge. It's been out there for months with fresh water and I haven't seen any birds. I put out seed and corn but only the squirrels come. On a rare occasion I see a bird.
UplayOnline said…
That first photo is a winner indeed.

Great to see these bird photos, JP, but you never have to "worry" about getting a post together as bloggers know life has other plans. Still, it's always so nice to visit.
betty-NZ said…
It's not important when your photos are taken--just as long as you share them with us! These are such gorgeous little creatures!
Such amazing photos of beautiful birds! Have a wonderful weekend :)

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