C'est La Vie

Performing my routine tasks in the yard the other day, I came across something that reminded me of High School.  Suddenly I was recalling the three years of French I took before graduating.  A rush of vocabulary words starting popping into the forefront of my mind as I remembered my French teacher and his mannerisms.  

Standing in front of the class, leaning against the desk, he would cross one leg over the other and resting his elbow on the arm across his always buttoned, subdued plaid vest, he would twiddle with his mustache.  He always made our lessons interesting so learning was fun yet challenging.  He taught us to pronounce our words phonetically, making the lessons even easier.  I was quite good I must admit...LOL.

Then my mind remembered the desk at which I sat...always the same one.


My boyfriend's class was right before mine and he would leave me a love note.

Anyway, THIS is what started the whole thought process...

which then led to asking Google just what it was.

  This, my friends, is a Clymene Moth (Haploa Clymene).  Having never seen them before, I read on only to discover that although I thought it was unique with it's "fleur de lis" distinctive marking, it quite common in Eastern North America.  Preferring Eupatorium, Oaks, Peach and Willow along with other plants,  it was merely resting on the lawn when I spotted it.  They are, according to what I read, active both day and night.

just seeing, saying and sharing...

C'est La Vie

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Ann Thompson said…
It's quite unique with the markings. I wouldn't have known what it was if you hadn't told us
That is one heck of a memory you've got.
Sandi said…
I have never seen a moth like that!

Mais oui, je ne parle Francais toulemonte. Je suis vingt-cinq ans. Je vais du ski, et toi?

Yeah...high school French and even some college, yet this is all I've got and it's not even correct. I did order a coca-cola in actual France once, though, or tried to. Je voudrais un cocoa. Right? They looked at me like I had two heada. I was even pointing at the Coke. Sigh...
Red Rose Alley said…
What a peculiar moth. I think it was there just to give you a pleasant surprise for the day. What a unique marking it has. I loved hearing about your French class and teacher and the notes your boyfriend left you in the same desk every day. Oh, so many memories for us at the starting of a new school year. : )

Rambling Woods said…
I love that you highlighted a moth as being night insects, we do see them often and don't pay attention and some are really beautiful...Michelle
Between high school and college, I had six years of French. My current boss turned me on to this app called Duolingo, and I have been studying French a little each day since March! I'm on 165 streak now. It's fun. I hadn't realized how much I'd missed it (and how much vocabulary I had retained but didn't know I still had).

That's a neat moth.
What fantastic memories! Have a wonderful week.
Bee Lady said…
I've never seen or heard of a moth like this! Es muy Bonita (I took Spanish!)

eileeninmd said…
Hello, you do have a great memory. The moth is pretty, it has a neat marking.

Enjoy your day and the week ahead.
I've not seen a moth like that before ...

All the best Jan
UplayOnline said…
That is one heck of a memory you've got.

Betty said…
Wow...that little thing really triggered a lot of memories. I have moths too! I've been fighting them all summer. They're killing the lawn! I've sprayed the lawn numerous times. Finally I called an exterminator and he put something down. Our moths aren't very pretty and terribly destructive. I'm not alone. Lots of people have them. I'd go out in the yard and hundreds would fly up in my face. Tiny moths. Yuck! I'd take your moth any day.

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