Kayaking and Imagining

Feeling like I needed some space, I went kayaking Monday. 

 Yes, I blew off the gym and as a dear blogger friend told me, "it's good for the soul."  She was right.  It was.

This trip was seamless and the water looked inviting as the kayak sat on the edge of the shore waiting for me. The cart wheels did not collapse which, as you know from previous posts, can ruin a excursion.

Approaching the tunnels. I couldn't help but notice the already changing leaves and those recently scattered on the surface of the water.

Paddling for four hours, I first spotted Mallards along the Western shore. Then it was a few Hawks weaving in and out of the tall pines and deciduous trees that line the shoreline.

The "traffic" was minimal so I nearly had the place to myself except for the Egrets and Blue Herons fishing near the water's edge.

Passing under the power-lines, I thought I heard an immature Eagle in the trees to the left.  Then my brain said, Oh Stop it.  You've been listening to them for so many months that now you're imagining things.  Shortly after telling myself to focus on where I was heading, I spotted a lone fisherman near the dam and several sandy spots where I could pull over for lunch.  It became my destination.

However, apparently I wasn't the only one heading there.  Just as I headed in that direction a large, dark bird with mottled undercarriage and a lot of white on it's tail soared overhead, circled several times and also headed toward the dam. It was an immature Eagle.

Usually when I kayak, I always eat while paddling.  Monday was different. Pulling up on shore, I sat, enjoying my lunch as I listened to Nature and watched the tranquility.

On my return trip, the wind had picked up, making paddling more difficult.  Yet that too was worth it.  Two large birds in the distance, flirting with each other, suddenly headed out over the water.  With one slightly in the lead as the other followed at it's side, they flew about 6 feet above the water.  It was a pair of Osprey...obviously in love.

 just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Kayaking and Imagining

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MadSnapper said…
me thinks you are an eagle magnet... you find them more than anyone I know of. maybe because you look more or listen more. beautiful scenry for having lunch
That tree in the bottom photo looks like an egg whisk. What a wonderful, soul healing day you had.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, getting out and enjoying nature is good for the soul. I love the reflection of the leaves and colors. Great captures of the Heron and cool sighting of the eagles and osprey. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!
Sandi said…
What an adventure!

Love that tunnel...manmade things can be good, :)

Ann Thompson said…
Sounds the the perfect getaway to clear the mind and soothe the soul
NCSue said…
Did you notice how the trees in the last photo look like the whisks you'd use in cooking? LOL!
Thanks for linking up at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2017/08/lucky-shot.html
Unknown said…
Great captures of the Heron and cool sighting of the eagles and osprey. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!


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