Call Me "Grasshoppa"

Waiting for the boat launch to be available, I noticed this little guy hopping in and out of the kayaks the family was loading.  Not only did I get permission to take a pic, I got lots of kisses too! 

All wet and muddy, the little rascal loved the lake, according to it's owners.    

Meanwhile, a few hours later and back on land, I came across these three amigos.  
Does anyone know how chickens know not to wander far from home?

Arriving back home, I unloaded and cleaned up both the kayak and myself.  Later that day, when I went to collect a few seedheads from the Hellenium, this green critter interrupted my train of thought.  It reminded me of a dear friend from the gym who I call "Mr MiyagI"
because he calls me "Grasshoppa."

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Call Me "Grasshoppa"

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Ann said…
Aw that pup is adorable.
Maybe your Mr Miyagi was sending you a message with the grasshoppa :)
Cute little dog. Just the right size for a kayak.
MadSnapper said…
helloo grasshoppa... love the chicks and the pup is just precious, wet and all I would like to hold him
Gayle said…
Chickens and home - guess they know which side their bread is buttered on. Now you have me wondering if there are wild chickens---most likely.
Wonderful!! Have a lovely weekend.
Red Rose Alley said…
aahh, what a cute little fellow. Those look like black-eyed susans, they're so pretty.


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