Fresh and Salty

A few Herons while kayaking at one of the many lakes here in Eastern CT strutted their stuff while searching for food.  Happy and content as usual because I was kayaking "in quiet water."

The following day, I headed to RI to give my daughter a few pointers on kayaking.  She lives four houses up from the ocean.  

Did I ever tell you I HAVE KAYAKED IN THE OCEAN?  Did I ever tell you I DO NOT WANT TO KAYAK IN THE OCEAN? 
The reason?
I get seasick!!

However, I did it "for the kid".

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Fresh and Salty

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MadSnapper said…
My friend Lola loves to kayak and does a lot of kayaking here in Florida she went to the other coast and try to kayak in the Atlantic Ocean and ended up it put Carter in a wave turned her upside down and she got hit in the head with a kayak so she will not be going back in the ocean
Wonderful images of the heron and the seabirds. I must admit that I've never been kayaking. Knowing me I would spend most of my time in the water! Have a lovely day.
Hope you made it through without any motion sickness.
carol l mckenna said…
Wonderful 'Fresh and Salty' outdoor photos ~ thanks ~ ^_^

(A ShutterBug Explores)
likeschocolate said…
Wonderful, I haven't seen a Heron in years. One of my favorites.
Is that shot of the kayak trip on the ocean??? I tell you, I can't go on our lake in the kayak. It's very large and most times rough. Whitecaps in bad weather are quite normal. We are so lucky to have our bay and some small inlets just at the mouth of the 'large' lake. But that's hazardous as well as swans nest there often, and they are really terrible/scared of/with people. They try to attack us when we leave our shore in kayaks, jet ski's and even the paddle boats. Yet some people hand feed them and I really dislike that. Wildlife should clearly be respected first, but it's sometimes scary when we want to do some water activities.

The heron shots are gorgeous. In the eighteen months we were away from our lakehouse, we had many blue herons, super large turtles, muskrats, and mink make themselves at home along our beach. Hopefully we have scared most of them away this summer (except the heron and turtles-they are harmless to my dogs)!)


I haven't seen many herons this summer. Glad you are.
Betty said…
We were on a cruise one time and spent the entire cruise running away from a hurricane. We never got to Mexico. It was very rough and the majority of the people on the cruise were sick. My husband and I never got sea sick. We'd go to the dining room and see all the empty tables. Anyway, my uncle and cousin went to sea and they both said that they would on occasion feel sick. They said just because we didn't get sick on the cruise didn't mean we'd never get sick. The opposite might be true too. Maybe you wouldn't get sick every time on the ocean?
Patti said…
Enjoyed seeing your photos. I don't think I'd be keen on kayaking in the ocean, either!
Red Rose Alley said…
That's a cool picture of the rock with the bridge in the distance. So many wonderful things to see at the ocean.

Brave soul! I don't think I would want to kayak on the ocean, either. You got some great photos!
eileeninmd said…
Hello, I get seasick too. I took pills on all the cruises I've been on. I could not imagine kayaking over the ocean waves. Love all your birds, especially the herons. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

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