Share the Seeds

While the photos may not be the best, you get the gist of my message:

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Share the Seeds...
(because we don't need them all.)

with you and those at


Sandi said…
Nice!! :) Almost looks like he is going to topple off.
MadSnapper said…
that sweet yellow bird will spread those seeds all over and make more beautiful flowers. I love yellow birds and yellow flowers
eileeninmd said…
Hello, love the sweet Goldfinch! They do love the seeds. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!
I love the goldfinches.....flying sunshine.
Ann Thompson said…
I always like seeing the goldfinch.
Love the photos!!
And the words "Share the Seeds"!

Hope you have a happy week.
Just the other day, I saw a goldfinch here on a river walk around the mill apts and it so reminded me of the ones we used to see at the backyard feeders in VA. Thanks for sharing your capture, JP.
Your captures are beautiful!
Have a wonderful week :)

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