Soon To Be Sleeping Beauty

Back in the Spring, as you know, Alva was taken out of the closet, given water and placed in front of an window facing East.  She grew, just like she has for all the years (12) I've had her.  This year, now that it is September, I have having a hard time putting her to sleep.

How do you put something to sleep that is so beautiful?
I mean can I stop watering Alva, let her die back and put her in her cardboard box in the dark closet?
You can see why I'm having a hard time, right?

Of course, I still have no idea exactly what Alva is.  This year I came close though.  It was when one of my neighbors was moving into their new house that she touched base with me and asked if I would take a few of her houseplants.  It seems I have become like the ASPCA but for plants...ASPCP because I took in an enormous Jasmine, an Oxyallis, a Maidenhair Fern, and a Hoya.  

Years ago, she owned a nursery.  As she examined Alva and asked a few questions, I thought I was close to getting the answer.  Then she said, "When it's time to put her to sleep, give me a piece.  She's beautiful."

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Soon To Be Sleeping Beauty

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MadSnapper said…
you already know I love Alva, she is really beautiful this year and I have never heard of or seen one like her. I say let her live a little longer
eileeninmd said…
Hello, Alva is beautiful. It would be hard to put her to sleep in a closet. Is it too soon, she is just looking lovely.

Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!
Lady Fi said…
Alva is beautiful! Can't she be allowed to stay awake all year?
How did you know she needed to sleep? I think she's beautiful and would have a hard time putting her to sleep.
NanaHood said…
Awww, she's not sleepy yet! Blessings to you from Teresa at
Debby said…
That is a neat plant. I once received a clipping of a plant that grows only in Sweden. It also has to be in darkness in order to bloom these white flowers. Then when we moved, it died. I'd have to go to Sweden to get it again, and then smuggle it through.
Ann Thompson said…
Alva doesn't look like she's ready to go to sleep
NCSue said…
It does seem rather sad, but
Alsva will rise again come spring!

Thanks for linking up at
Have you tried a google image search? Take a good, clear picture and then do your search. Might help. I've got one of those mystery plants, too.
Susie said…
JP, So pretty, but I have never heard of putting a plant away for the fall/winter season. I have heard of digging up gladiolas . This would be a great article for a newspaper ....then many could give their opinions of what Alva could be. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie
What a beauty she is.
What amazing colour.

All the best Jan
Unknown said…
Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!


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