The Love Affair

There are a few things in life that I can "get lost in."
One is kayaking. 

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

The Love Affair

with you and those at


I can totally understand why you feel that way!
Such a pretty view - I can see why you enjoy. Me, too.

Jane x
eileeninmd said…
Hello, love the view. Looks like a great place to go kayaking.

Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week ahead!
MadSnapper said…
that tree reflection is gorgeous and nothing better to love than nature and exercise. like the little rolly thingy
Ann Thompson said…
We all need things to get lost in
James said…
I've never tried kayaking but I could get lost in this wonderful photo!
Unknown said…
I can totally understand why you feel that way!

Stewart M said…
I really want to get a canoe or a kayak, but we have a bit of a storage problem. But I agree its a wonderful way to travel.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
baili said…
imagery and solitude creates magic within shads of nature
reflection is one of this
Debbie said…
i have only been once, on the mystic river, that was challenging!! but i think on a peaceful bit of water like this, i too would fall in love!!

your image is beautiful, the reflection is breathtaking!!
betty-NZ said…
It's not something I have ever had the chance to do but I'm sure it would give a new perspective on things.

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